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With an interpolated translation and commentary based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
ISBN 978-0-8266-0194-0
Standard Edition
512 pages, 7 X 10 in.


With an interpolated translation and commentary

based on the works of The Lubavitcher Rebbe


A Project of Chabad House Publications 

Director and General Editor Rabbi Chaim N. Cunin

Editor-in-Chief Rabbi Moshe Wisnefsky

Contributing Editors Rabbis Baruch Kaplan, Betzalel Lifshitz, Yosef Marcus and Dov Wagner


This innovative Chumash features a new translation/commentary which weaves Rashi's commentary — explained according to the Rebbe's understanding of Rashi — together with the translation of the Torah text. This forms one clear, smooth and easy reading body, accessible even to the beginner and informative to all.


Additional Features include:

  • "Chasidic Insights" and "Inner Dimensions"

  • Chronological charts, topic titles, illustrations, diagrams and maps

  • Each sidra is prefaced by an overview

  • A study of the name of each sidra and its relevance to the respective text

  • Fully vocalized Hebrew text of Rashi's commentary

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